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Up2Us is a community organisation within Mansfield Shire which aims to lead in the preservation, protection and enhancement of our land and water ecosystems by empowering community and individuals to act.

Landcare 25yrs and beyond, what are our drivers of change?

Welcome Landcarers to the year of 2014

Welcome Landcarers to the year of 2014 or Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year from Vietnam). I was privileged to take a month out of Landcaring duties and travel with my family (husband and 3 kids) to Vietnam over January. It is a wonderful place to visit with country so vastly different from our […]

Up2Us Newsletter – October 2013

Mansfield reinvigorated with plants Rifle Butts Reserve A lighthearted morning was enjoyed by families, couples and singles at the Rifle Butts Reserve planting day. “Mansfield resident’s once again demonstrated their resilience by attending the National Tree Planting Day at Rifle Butts Rd Reserve on a cold wintery day” said Kerstie Lee upon reflection of the […]

Up2Us Newsletter – June 2013

Good Living Picnic Fest Sustainable Small Acreage Tour We had a cool Mansfield morning as we gathered at the Information Centre for the bus tour. Thank you to Rowan and Amanda Swaney who had a well planned tour of their property, taking in the vegetable garden, the paddock structure, the tomatillo enterprise and the improvised […]

Up2Us Newsletter – March 2013

Events celebrate living locally Mansfield’s Sustainable Living Festival, sponsored by Mansfield Shire Council and Up2Us, features two events this year; a Sustainable Small Acreage Tour and a Good Living Picnic Festival. Both are on Saturday April 20. Sustainable Small Acreage Tour The morning tour includes three properties showcasing rotational grazing, caper farming and plantation farming […]