Welcome Landcarers to the year of 2014

Welcome Landcarers to the year of 2014 or Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year from Vietnam).

I was privileged to take a month out of Landcaring duties and travel with my family (husband and 3 kids) to Vietnam over January. It is a wonderful place to visit with country so vastly different from our home Australia!

We explored limestone caves, swam in the China Sea, rode pushbikes in the crazy traffic, had a tour on a dodgy fishing boat, ate wonderful food, embedded ourselves in the recent war history and spent time getting to know ourselves and the resilient forgiving locals.

Of all the wonder and beauty in Vietnam, there was a constant and disturbing feature of the landscape – rubbish! Common in many developing countries, but something which continues to affect me deeply – with a burgeoning tourism sector and increases in productivity increases in rubbish are inevitable but how does a nation cope without the infrastructure?

I often thought of the Landcare movement whilst pondering Vietnam’s ‘rubbish’ future. Landcare is a grass roots movement. Sustainable land practices, the embedding of environmental knowledge and the social conduit that Landcare provides ensures what is learnt, is practised. I wondered whether the Landcare ethos would sustain a more beautiful future for Vietnam?

Please enjoy a few snaps of my trip which capture the beauty of the place.






I would like to thank you for your ongoing commitment to Landcare and the work within your local community. I look forward to working with you over the coming year.

A few events we have already got booked in our calendar include:

Mansfield Primary School Water Biodiversity Day – March 14
Erosion control field day with DEPI – March 21
Joining in the Mansfield Do It festival – March 31
Family fun with Carp Fish Out – Late March/Early April (keep a lookout)
Family fun with making bat nest boxes – May (to be confirmed)
Field day on Blackberry control – October 11

The 2014 calendar should be on the website soon.

Please feel free to drop in or contact me about Landcare in Mansfield.

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