Up2Us Newsletter – July 2014

Goulburn Broken Landcare Awards Night

The largest group of Up2Us Landcare Alliance volunteers enjoyed a pleasant evening at the Goulburn Broken Landcare Awards Night in Swanpool at the end of June. In the cosy atmosphere of the Swanpool cinema, the guests were treated to a visual display of the history of film, a presentation of the effect of erosion on farming in Queensland and a wonder-ful meal prepared and served by members of the Swanpool community. There were a number of awards presented to well deserving individuals and groups within the region who are implementing great projects. Up2Us had a number of highly commended men-tions for both partnership programs and quality of the network, so my sincerest congratulations to all members of the Landcare and people care movement in Mansfield Shire. You all contribute a huge amount of work, thinking about and producing change within our community. My proudest moment of the evening was sitting alongside such a supportive and generous group of people I am privileged to work with on a day to day basis. Thank you for supporting the night!

Kerstie Lee, Murray Beattie, Eric Burt, Jer-emy Madin, Jane Her-bert (hiding), Trish Gilson, Barbara Setchell (hiding), John Gilson, Amanda Swaney and Rowan Swaney

At the table: Kerstie Lee, Murray Beattie, Eric Burt, Jer-emy Madin, Jane Her-bert (hiding), Trish Gilson, Barbara Setchell (hiding), John Gilson, Amanda Swaney and Rowan Swaney

SUNDAY 20th—National Tree Planting Day Mansfield

Mansfield National Tree Planting Day is on this SUNDAY!!! Up2Us has been able to get assis-tance from the Mansfield Secondary School Agribusiness Class to assist with preparation of the site along the Rail Trail. The Community Bank Mansfield Branch is supporting the event which will host bike ride, walk or drive to the site and a warm BBQ lunch or soup post the event. All details are on the Up2Us website www.up2us.org.au. Give me a call if you need further information

Agribusiness students helping out

Delatite Landcare Group

Feral Feast and Snakes

Delatite Landcare Group are hosting their Annual General Meeting on the 31st of August in style this year with a Feral Feast. They are hoping to have an assortment of edible meats and herbs on the table for all members to experience. So keep this date free and come along to gather with friends and fine food. More details to follow. This year the DLG aim to host an information session on ‘snakes’ at the local Mansfield Show. The group is currently working with members of the Show committee to place the session in their program of events. Keep an eye open to learn more about our slippery natives. Working bee scheduled for July and August to complete more of the Biolink planting. All welcome.

Upper Broken River Landcare Group

Congratulations Foodies

The Upper Broken River Landcare Group support many small producers in the Mansfield community. Rowena and Mick Ellis have just been awarded a National medal for their capers and Amanda and Rowan Swaney have been interviewed about the production of their tomatillos. To both producers a hearty Congratulations but to all those land managers who are producing from their plots, keep up the goodwork! This spring the UBRLG will be revisiting their work on the Broken River in management of the Blackberries. Last spring it was a huge success and with vigilance the weeds can be maintained. For all those who live on the river please help the cycle by either contacting Amanda or Rowan on 5779 1193 [email protected] for big infestations or pulling or poisoning the seedlings as they come up.

Howqua Valley Landcare Group

Howqua Valley Landcare Group The Howqua Valley Landcare Group are dedicated to their area and manage this remotely. For many years they have managed to implement weed control on their properties within the timelines of grants by electronic means. It is a great example of how technology has enabled communities to stay in touch and keep embracing the Landcare ethic. We look forward to another year where this group can once again work together forthe common good. Box-Gum Woodlands



An example in nature how two are better than one. Seen at the recent Box-Gum Woodlands management day I attended in May.

Coming up in Mansfield July and August

20th — National Tree Planting Day on Rail Trail 10.30-12.00
TBC — Delatite Landcare Group working bee
Various — Up2Us Schools Tree Planting sessions
TBC — Small rural landowners Soil Day
5&6th — Up2Us and Mansfield Kinder days
7th — Kangaroo Cull evening at Council Chambers
31st — DLG Feral Feast

Springbrook National Park in Queensland It is always interesting to see the variation in plants from place to place in Australia. Here in the Springbrook National Park in Queensland is a tree whose heritage dates back to the subantartic times.





Bonnie Doon community wants Rabbit Control

After hearing the inspiring story of Macquarie Island rabbit eradication project, members of Bonnie Doon are keen to develop a local team plan. Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project was presented to a small but dedicated group of Bonnie Doon and Mansfield locals on Thursday evening at the Bonnie Doon Community Centre. Nick McCabe spent 13 months scouring the impressive cliffs and plateaus of Macquarie Island after a baiting program which saw the majority of pests culled. He said that it takes approximately two years for a place to be proclaimed ‘clean’ so the crew of dogs and hunters were primarily responsible for ensuring that the baiting program had been successful. In the 13months Nick was present on the Island, only one rabbit was discovered. The crew of dogs and hunters worked for 6 weeks before the animal was caught, highlighting the cunning nature of the humble rabbit. A lively discussion about the present state of Bonnie Doon hills and valleys ensued with a few locals present deciding to meet regularly throughout the year to combat the ongoing issue of rabbit management in the area. Up2Us will be supporting the group to tackle the issue despite the lack of federal money available for these local projects. Next meeting with the community will be in late Aug, early September. All welcome.

Nick McCabe and his rabbit dog

Mansfield Shire Draft Domestic Waste Water Plan

For those who are interested in how Mansfield is improving the waste water management of the region, the Mansfield Shire Council now have their draft plan open for public viewing and comments. To access all the documents please go to the Councils website www.mansfield.vic.gov.au, drop into the office of the Shire Council or request a CD copy of the Plan by telephoning them directly. Not long to look so please take the time to have your say.

Community Information Evening on the Kangaroo Pet Food Trial

Community Information Session will be held at the Council Chambers on August 7th from 7.00pm to 8.00pm on the how and why of the Kangaroo Pet Food Trial. Department of Environment and Sustainability Kangaroo Pet Food Officer, Gary Dash will be presenting the cur-rent facts and prepared to answer questions that the community may have regarding the trial. All welcome. Please contact Kerstie Lee for further details. Nick McCabe and his rabbit dog

Trout Fishing in the Mansfield Rivers

Survey work has been conducted on the Upper Goulburn River, Jamieson River, Howqua River and King River by Arthur Rylah Institute researchers to ascertain population numbers. Some interesting results have been discovered. For Further information please see their website. http://www.depi.vic.gov.au/fishing-and-hunting/recreational-fishing/wild-trout-population-survey A researcher and a brown trout caught

If you haven’t already:

Weeds – We all have them and proba-bly most of us equally detest them. Up2Us has incentives on offer for getting rid of blackberries this year, so please give us a call. Soon the St Johns wart will be starting to shoot. It is a plant that produces from roots and seed and can cause photosensiti-zation in domestic animals. Spray before flowering.

Veggie GardensVeggie GardensCongratulations to all those who are still producing some food from the sodden veggie patches that we have. With all the rain we have been having lately, it is a good time to reflect on last years crop, plan for the Spring, saving seeds and collecting ma-nures to compost.

For further information, if you would like to contribute an article or advertise an upcoming Landcare event please contact Kerstie Lee, Landcare Facilitator on 0400613344 or [email protected]

Cathy McGowan Victorian Landcare Champion

Cathy McGowan Victorian Landcare ChampionCathy McGowan has been active in representing Victorian Landcare positively in her role as the Indi federal member.
The Victorian Landcare Council has been active in establishing professional links with Cathy McGowan as a voice and champion of Landcare in parliament. Here is an exert of her speech about a local North Eastern Landcare group. For full details or a video of her speech please visit her website www.cathymcgowan.com.au.
I rise to congratulate the Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group for the fantastic work they do caring for the envi-ronment in the Murmungee district. On Tuesday, 8 July, I joined 50 people at the recently renovated Old Mur-mungee Hall for the Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group AGM.
As with any rural get-together, there was plenty of wide-ranging discussion on Landcare and the organisation’s future. The environment is an issue close to the heart of everyone in that tight-knit community and I was de-lighted to be there to listen to their comments.
Landcare groups are excellent models of community engagement. They are among the best at doing it and the social benefits gained for rural communities are significant. I want to champion and represent Landcare in this parliament. I want to support the movement and see it grow in Indi. There are now 75 Landcare groups, including special issue groups, right across the north-east of Victoria.
At the AGM, I encouraged Landcare groups to be proac-tive in seeking government funding from the
Green Army and Carbon Farming initiatives.
Our communities will grow and thrive where Landcare grows and thrives.

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