Soil health for production in small acreage farms a hit

Soil health for production in small acreage farms a hit

Up2Us Landcare Alliance facilitated a soil health workshop on Saturday 2nd May where 12 people gathered overlooking the hills of Mansfield to discuss soil matters for small acreage properties.

The Rapid Soil Assessment Tool (RSAT) was used as a basis for understanding the physical nature of soil and how that contributes to the overall production that can be expected. The test prompted many questions from how fertilisers and other amendments affect the condition of the soil to what can be done to improve the depth of topsoil.

Amongst the physical tests explained was a Solvita soil health test which indicates the levels of CO2. Although rudimentary, it provides a farmer with an indication of biological activity within the soil. It is important to remember to conduct tests at the same time each year so that climate variability can be monitored.

We will look forward to the next workshop later in June 2015.

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