Rabbit Eradication Evening inspires Bonnie Doon locals to keep trying

Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project was presented to a small but dedicated group of Bonnie Doon and Mansfield locals on Thursday evening at the Bonnie Doon Community Centre. Nick McCabe spent 13 months scouring the impressive cliffs and plateaus of Macquarie Island after a baiting program which saw the majority of pests culled. He said that it takes approximately two years for a place to be proclaimed ‘clean’ so the crew of dogs and hunters were primarily responsible for ensuring that the baiting program had been successful. In the 13months Nick was present on the Island, only one rabbit was discovered. The crew of dogs and hunters worked for 6 weeks before the animal was caught, highlighting the cunning nature of the humble rabbit.

A lively discussion about the present state of Bonnie Doon hills and valleys ensued with a few locals present deciding to meet regularly throughout the year to combat the ongoing issue of rabbit management in the area. Up2Us will be supporting the group to tackle the issue despite the lack of federal money available for these local projects.

Nick McCabe

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