Positive Local Initiatives to Phase Out Plastic

July – ’tis the season for rain, snow and taking up the challenge to be Plastic Free! The month of July provides the inspiration to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives, especially single-use plastics such as shopping bags, bottles, coffee cups and straws. 

The two local supermarkets, FoodWorks Mansfield and Marks IGA Mansfield are taking the initiative and leading by example by retiring single-use plastic bags from the 1st July. This is a fantastic initiative to reduce plastic use, help create a cleaner world for future generations to come and a way of supporting the local community in a change in behaviour towards making more sustainable, environmentally conscious choices. 

With several alternatives offered such as reusable bags, cardboard boxes, paper bags and even reusable produce bags, going single-use plastic bag free couldn’t be easier! With current promotions and incentives running and more to come over the following weeks, help show your support and get behind Marks IGA Mansfield and FoodWorks Mansfield as they work towards positive change in our community.


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