Kangaroo for Pet Food Trial Information Evening a Success

Up2Us Landcare Alliance together with the Mansfield Shire Council joined forces to present an Information evening on the Kangaroo for Pet Food Trial taking place in Mansfield and neighbouring Shires.

Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) officer Gary Dash presented on why the Mansfield Shire was chosen as one of the two year trial sites, what the process is for obtaining permits and how the success of the program is measured.

Two professional shooters who represent the processing companies were able to present what the process is for landholders once permits have been obtained. They were able to detail the steps involved and provide clear guidelines about what they do and do not do.

The evening also heard of anecdotal information from one particular landholder who had recently been involved in the program and was impressed at the professional delivery of the program.

For further information on the evening or, if you as a landholder are interested in how to be involved, please contact Gary Dash (DEPI officer) [email protected] or Kerstie Lee (Up2Us Landcare Facilitator) [email protected].

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