Interpreting soil tests a blitz with Don Cook


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Don Cook’s experience was demonstrated on Friday 19th August when eight people from the Delatite Landcare Group understood how to increase their production from reading their soil tests.  Don Cook is the semi-retired manager of Farmright – a well respected soil testing service that many farmers have utilised in the past.

His instruction about soil and the minerals within it and how they inter-relate proved extremely useful for all participants.  Kerstie Lee, Landcare facilitator said that “Don was able to develop a quick rapport with the participants and encourage them to take control of what they put on their soils.  Understanding the soil test means that each participant can make correct decisions about what to add, not just rely on the fertiliser company for information.  This session really empowered landholders”.

A summary of the workshop can be found under the Delatite Landcare group page on this website.  A copy of the booklet “Soil test interpretation” can be purchased at the Landcare office or by contacting Kerstie Lee (Up2Us Landcare Facilitator) ph: (03) 57752770 or email: [email protected]

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