Inspiring Small Farms to Grow Big Ideas Workshop 1 – Success story

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Up2Us Landcare Alliance facilitated a workshop on Saturday where 12 people gathered at the High Country Library Mansfield to think about their future property plans in a realistic and value based manner.

It was attended by a wide age range of people from a variety of backgrounds. People who were well on their way in production on small acreage sat beside people who were still contemplating the type of property which would suit their needs. All people in attendance contributed to a lively discussion about their future whilst taking the opportunity to think about the why and how.

The atmosphere was one of respect and a mutual interest of producing food within the Mansfield region. Stay tuned to the Up 2 Us facebook or Up2Us website for a calendar of events for the next 6 months. All people who are wanting to gain knowledge and skills in order to produce marketable food and manage their small acreages properly are welcome.

We would love to see you there next time!!

Any further queries please contact Kerstie Lee 0400 613 344 [email protected] or Rowena Ellis [email protected].

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