Financial Literacy for Small Acreage Farmers

financial literacy event-1Up2Us is creating an opportunity to hear about some ways to develop the viability of your property by understanding financial literacy for agricultural enterprises.

On Monday 15th August from 9.30-3.00 at MACE, High St Mansfield, you will have the opportunity to explore strategic, tactical and operational planning; how to manage fixed and variable expenses; identifying and understanding risk management as well as how to mitigate it.  It exploring these issues, you as the landholder should get an understanding of the profit drivers and how to manage them.

Meridian Agriculture will be presenting general information in a workshop format, so come along and see if you are on the right track with your enterprise or how to improve upon your business venture.

In addition to the Financial Planning, we will have a guest speaker from the Industry Skills Fund who will present information on possible grants for agriculture enterprises.

Should you require further information, please contact Kerstie Lee (Up2Us Landcare Facilitator) on 5775 2770 or [email protected].

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