Clean Up Australia Week March 6th-9th

The perfect time is NOW to recycle your electronic waste!  Mansfield Shire Council and Up2Us Landcare are partnering to provide a drop off service for 4 days from Monday 6th March to Thursday 9th March.  The main drop off point will be at the Mansfield Shire Council depot on Monday 6th (1pm-4pm); Tuesday 7th (9am-12pm); and Thursday 9th (9am-12pm).  For those in the Central Business District of Mansfield, on Wednesday 8th Up2Us and Mansfield Shire representatives will do a walk around the businesses and collect your items.

The following items are included as “In Scope” Electronic Waste as part of the Federal Governments Product Stewardship Regulations:

  • Plasma Televisions
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Televisions
  • Rear Projection Televisions

IT Computer products:

  • Laptops/notebooks/palmtops
  • Desktops/Central Processing Units
  • Multi-Function Devices that print, copy scan and/or fax
  • Mouse and trackball units
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Hard Drives
  • Digital video disk drives
  • Floppy disks/drives
  • Keyboards
  • Joysticks and gamepads
  • Web cameras
  • Compact disk drives
  • Electrical transformers in CPU’s
  • Computer Monitors (CRT)
  • Any item that plugs into a computer!

Need any other information, please contact Kerstie Lee on 57752770

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