Barjarg Bountry Report

Barjarg Bounty

‘Barjarg Bounty’ celebrates the time of harvest in the community. The event creates a time for people from Barjarg to gather to enjoy a meal featuring locally grown produce prepared by Mansfield Chef Megan Knapp and by home cooks. The event is generously supported by a grant from Up2Us and Megan Knapp’s Kitchen Door.

Community identity is fostered by the event and as people get to know each other they share ideas and experiences and work out ways to support local initiatives and to solve local problems.

Barjarg is only a small community and it is important that the members have a ‘stamp’ that creates identity and generates community endeavour. Membership of the Upper Broken Landcare Group, CFA and morning tea gatherings all foster these features. Barjarg Bounty is another activity which binds community.

A short speech from a local person highlights an activity or direction in Barjarg. This year Up2Us Landcare Facilitator Kerstie Lee explained the operation of FRRR – the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal which offers small discretionary funds to regional communities to promote rural and regional renewal, regeneration and development. She also highlighted the developing profile of small farm enterprises in the Mansfield district.

Amanda Swaney

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