45 people aged from 7 – 70 turned up for a fire, BBQ and spotlighting

Spotlighting night a success
A clear calm night full of stars, a fire in a pit, a cattleman’s hut with smells of a BBQ being cooked and a beautiful valley with tall Peppermints and Candlebarks is what greeted 45 people as they walked down the hill to begin the Birds of the Night presentation and spotlighting.

Lance Williams a fauna surveying specialist presented to a diverse audience the most common types of Owls and Nightjars which may be present in the Mansfield region. He produced the bird calls on an ‘old school’ megaphone and A3 photos of the birds were shown – lit up by an audience member’s torch.

45 people aged from 7 – 70 turned up for a fire, BBQ and spotlightingDespite not seeing any bird species on the spotlighting walk, the audience was treated to a Boobook call during the presentation, 5-6 individual sightings of a Greater Glider and some of the more common night-time fauna sights such as a wombat and a deer.

Host of the evening Michael Watson, did a terrific job of ensuring that all people were catered for by having options for shorter or longer walks as well as the provision of a very atmospheric evening!

Thank you to all who attended and made the evening a great opportunity to be with other like-minded people.

Any further queries please contact Kerstie Lee 0400 613 344, email: [email protected]

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