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Blackberry Spray Unit for Hire

Up2Us Landcare Alliance has purchased a 200 litre spray unit with a 30m hose, which will be available for loan by Landcare members within the Up2Us network boundaries. This includes Landcare members affiliated with any of the following groups:

Ancona Valley Landcare Group
Delatite Landcare Group
Upper Broken River Landcare Group
Howqua Valley Landcare Group

The Mansfield Shire Council as part of a collaborative effort has agreed to house the spray unit and maintain it for the community.

Loaning the Spray Unit
In order to loan the Spray Unit the following steps need to be undertaken.

  1. Contact the Landcare Facilitator (Kerstie Lee 03 5779 1593 or [email protected]) either by phone or email to book the unit.
  2. After designating a time, pick up the spray unit from the Mansfield Shire depot between Mon – Fri (7.30am-3.30pm).
  3. Use the spray unit according to the directions and wearing the appropriate protective equipment (supplied).
  4. Empty the poison tank and refill the petrol tank prior to the return of the spray unit.
  5. Return the spray unit to the Mansfield Shire depot between Mon-Fri (7.30am-3.30pm).

The unit will be available for loan for three days only at one time so that all Landcare members have the ability to use it.

This unit is suited to being in a utility or a trailer behind a car/4WD/tractor. Please do not use it in a trailer behind a 4 wheel motorbike or lawnmower due to the weight and tipping capacity on Mansfield’s hill country.