Delatite Landcare Group



Respecting, learning about, enjoying and sustainably managing our natural environment

History of Delatite Landcare Group

Delatite Landcare Group was formed in 1993 to create corridors of trees across farmland but the focus soon included revegetation of eroded creeks and gullies. Delatite Landcare achievements include:

  • Four-year corridor project ‘Ribbons of Green’
  • Study of eight streams entering the Delatite River in partnership with Deakin University Environmental Science students
  • Revegetation project at Hearns Crossing
  • Successful negotiation with authorities to relocate power lines, saving a memorial plantation and aesthetic values of Mt Buller Road
  • Native Seed Collection and Propagation Project for revegetation on members’ properties
  • Local Area Plan and mapping of Delatite Catchment
  • Visits to members’ properties to ground-truth mapping and develop individual ‘Property Plans’
  • Sustainable Property Management Field Day


The Delatite Landcare Group (DLG) invites membership from all permanent and part-time residents living within the Mansfield Shire, particularly in the catchment of the Delatite River
They are active in working with and partnering the Mansfield Shire Council, the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and Parks Victoria in order to achieve on ground actions.
The DLG has recently reviewed their strategic plan and are currently focussing on the following activities over the next five years.

  1. Support responsible management of our natural environment
  2. Offer practical mentoring of members
  3. Encourage an understanding of biodiversity at local and regional levels
  4. Maintain seed collection and propagation programs
  5. Build effectiveness of programs and nurture relationships through communications and events.

The DLG has an annual fee of $30.00 which includes a Sustainable Land Management Handbook, and provides you with information on field days, activities and incentives. For further information on Delatite Landcare Group its projects or membership please contact John Gilson on [email protected] / 0417 582 982.

Natives and You event

Natives and You event

Planting day with Parks Vic

Planting day with Parks Vic

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