Ancona Valley Landcare Group


Ancona Valley Landcare Group was initially formed to put stream and land management strategies in place with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the Ancona area. The group is one of the most longstanding in the region being in operation for 20 years. Ancona Valley Landcare achievements include:

  • Brankeet Creek Stream Stabilisation Strategy with Shire of Mansfield and Rural Water Commission support
  • Mapping and Local Area Planning of Ancona Valley
  • Extensive revegetation projects along Brankeet Creek, Hayfield Creek, North Creek, drainage lines and rocky recharge areas with support from various schools
  • Established native seedbank and propagation project
  • Organised field days on pest plants and animals, remnant vegetation conservation, stream management, seed collection and propagation, soil testing, pasture improvement and fencing


The Ancona Valley Landcare Group (AVLG) invites membership from all permanent and part-time residents living in the Ancona region.

The Valley continues to access grants for revegetation activities in addition to assisting farmers with weed and rabbit control, fencing and other farming activities.

AVLG has an annual fee of $15.00 and gives you access to information about sustainable farming activities in the region, biodiversity incentives and contact with local people in the area. Joining a Landcare group gives you access with the network facilitator and weeds coordinator who can assist with property planning and/or management issues you may have.

The President of the group is John Rogers who lives and farms in Ancona Valley. Please feel free to contact him via email or phone: [email protected], 0413006420 or (03) 57789658.

Ancona Valley Landcare Group