Vision & Mission

Up2Us Strategic Plan

Statement of Purpose

Up2Us Landcare Alliance, through community action, helps to preserve, protect and enhance the biodiversity of both private and public land within the Shire. We are also committed to the long term sustainability of small and large farming enterprises. We want to collaboratively involve as many community members as possible in action on the ground and aim to provide high quality environmental education.

What Up2Us wants to do

  • Provide high quality information sessions so that community members can understand how their contributions impact the environment
  • Promote sustainable farming practices so that there is an increase in uptake throughout the Shire
  • Facilitate research and development for increasing a robust agricultural market within the district
  • Engage with the local schools so that students within Mansfield have access to accurate information
  • Assist Landcare groups with ongoing management and development so that they continue to have a positive effect within their communities
  • Engage in ongoing funding applications for Landcare and community groups so that projects continue and people have positive experiences with Landcare
  • Collaborate with all levels of government and non-government agencies so that there may be a flow on effect to community groups and enhanced participation and community ownership

Anticipated Challenges for Up2Us

  • Changing Land Use
  • Threats from pest plants and animals on private and public land
  • Management of the health of the waterways, balancing tourism and the environment
  • Changing economics and politics of agriculture
  • Ageing of the farming community
  • Climate change and variability affecting the prediction of weather patterns
  • Reduced financial resources from government institutions which are used to assist with land management

Key Themes

Caring for the Land

  • Promote landscape change and sustainable farming through best land management practices
  • Provide information services to all land holders so they are equipped with correct information about looking after their land.
  • Facilitate weed and pest control in partnerships with community, government and individuals
  • Work to enhance the biodiversity of the area on private and public land

Landcare groups and membership

  • Encourage, support and sustain member Landcare Groups to ensure their continued survival and growth
  • Assist in servicing the needs of the Landcare groups
  • Assist in identifying priorities for on ground works
  • Assist in building up Mansfield’s Landcare groups memberships Funding
  • Identify priority areas for each Landcare group within the Shire
  • Identify priority areas for partnership activities with other networks across the Goulburn Broken Region
  • Seek funds for priority projects through government grants, corporate business, philanthropic organisations and other avenues

Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Work alongside other groups and organisations to enhance outcomes across the Shire and Region of Goulburn Broken
  • Deliver projects in conjunction with partner organisations (for example, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Parks Victoria and Mansfield Shire Council) to achieve better outcomes and mutual aims
  • Collaborate closely with the Landcare networks in the Goulburn Broken Catchment so that more efficient teamwork and communication ensures
  • Work in alongside local Shire tourism and economic strategists so as to promote ecological tourism within the Shire ensuring local assets are protected
  • Preserve, protect or enhance our local waterways both for local enjoyment and biodiversity as well as encouraging environmentally sustainable tourism

Education, Communication and Promotion

  • Communicate clear Landcare messages with the aim of increasing the profile of the Network using a variety of media
  • Develop and deliver high quality environmental education days to schools within the Mansfield Shire
  • Develop and deliver programs that support and strengthen sustainable land management on private properties within the Shire of Mansfield


  • Provide clear guidelines about the roles and responsibilities of committee members