Committee Members

John Gilson (President)

John GilsonJohn and wife Trish have owned their 110 acre farm (Felsted) since 1999 and have been working on fencing and revegetating two gullies and developing biolinks since then. John has been involved in Landcare for 12 years, commencing while he was at Geelong Grammar School (Corio) and then he joined the Fords Creek Landcare Group in 2000. They moved to Felsted at the end of 2005 and now manage a modest herd of Angus breeding cows. John and Trish joined the Delatite Landcare Group in 2007 and John is currently President of the group.

Murray Beattie (Treasurer)

Murray BeattieMurray, together with his wife Jane, has joined the Mansfield community in recent years after a career spanning from academia through to corporate finance. He is involved in a range of local activities and, most particularly, to Landcare as a means to make a positive contribution to the long term maintenance of the local flora and fauna. Aside from the central Landcare issues, Murray has a keen interest in the economic sustainability of renewal energy.

Andrew Crockett (VFF representative)

Andrew CrockettAndrew has been active in Landcare within Mansfield district since Fords Creek Landcare groups inception 25 years ago. He farms a substantial property Mansfield side of Merrijig concentrating on good quality sheep and some beef production. Andrew is currently an active member of the Victorian Farmers Federation within Mansfield. He has much knowledge about farming and values the continuation of Landcare within the area.

Julie Aldous (Committee member)

Julie AldousOriginally from the Western District, Julie has lived and worked in the district for 34 years, planting trees in gullies on the family farm and supporting Upper Broken River Landcare Group. Her work in local education has more recently seen her promoting career pathways in Primary Industries by forming partnerships between Mansfield Secondary College and local mentors, including Up2Us Landcare Alliance. Integral to her work in this area is a deep respect for our environment and the desire to encourage generational commitment to its conservation.

Cam Paterson (Weeds Coordinator)

Cam PatersonCam Paterson lives and works from his home in Merton. He has built his own home ‘solar home’ on small acreage with his wife Janine and their three sons. He has managed his own farm forestry business for 20 years which included collecting indigenous seeds, native vegetation surveys and weed management. For the past five years he has been on the Merton Landcare Group committee. Up2Us values Cam’s services and knowledge about weeds in general and are pleased to have him as part of the team.

Kerstie Lee (Up2Us Facilitator)

Kerstie LeeKerstie and her family live in Mansfield on a small property. She and her husband built a ‘solar home’ which is off the power grid. She has a background in community health, with a recent retraining in Conservation Land Management and less recently Permaculture. She loves her work within the community, especially talking with farmers and landowners discussing all things landcare. She looks forward to what she may be able to bring to the position over the next few years.

 Kim Magnay (Up2Us Project Coordinator)

Kim-MagnayKim lives in Mansfield with her partner.  Kim works part-time in the Up2Us office as the Revegetation Officer and the Small Farm Trials coordinator.  Her role sees her visit people who are keen to make a difference on both small and large acreage in revegetation of indigenous species as well as help small acreage farmers develop trials for horticultural production.  Her other working days are spent at Dookie Indigenous Seedbank.  Kim’s knowledge about indigenous plants has been a great asset to Up2Us.

Jill Breadon (Secretary)

Jill has been involved in coordinating Waterwatch within the district for many years. She has taught many people the benefits of reading and managing their water.

Amanda Swaney (UBRLG representative and committee member)

Amanda and her husband Rowan live and farm a property on the northern side of Mansfield stretching down onto the Broken River. They are interested in growing their own food; preserving the excess and trialling small lesser known crops for marketing. Rowan has committed to increasing the production of his property by cell grazing and soil health. He is currently the President of UBRLG while Amanda takes on the Vice President role.

John Rogers (AVLG representative and committee member)

John RogersJohn lives and farms in the Ancona Valley. He is interested in maximising the use of the property including prevention of erosion on the steep hills and watercourses. John is focussed on increasing the production of his property challenging the current agricultural practices for the area. He has been a member of the Ancona Valley Landcare group for 4 years and is currently the President.