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Up2Us Landcare Alliance, through community action, helps to preserve, protect and enhance the biodiversity of both private and public land within the Shire. We are also committed to the long term sustainability of small and large farming enterprises. We want to collaboratively involve as many community members as possible in action on the ground and aim to provide high quality environmental education.

Landcare 25yrs and beyond, what are our drivers of change?

Pest Animal Forum notes

Colin Brumley (ADA) The Pest Animal Forum was held in Mansfield on the 1st September which had over 70 people in attendance.  For a summary of the presenters and people presenting please see the pdf located in Landcare Programs and titled ‘Pest Animal Forum Notes’.    

Pollinator Palaces – be quick!

Pollinator Palaces and Pizza is a family event on the 11th September, from 10-12, at the Mansfield Steiner School Melliodora Hall.  Come along and discover how native pollinators can increase your success of fruiting and how they can manage some of the insect pests in our garden.  Pollinator Palaces are common in Europe where they […]