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    Landcare Mansfield

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    Mansfield Victoria Landcare

Up2Us Landcare Alliance, through community action, helps to preserve, protect and enhance the biodiversity of both private and public land within the Shire. We are also committed to the long term sustainability of small and large farming enterprises. We want to collaboratively involve as many community members as possible in action on the ground and aim to provide high quality environmental education.

Landcare 25yrs and beyond, what are our drivers of change?

Youth Leading the World a SUCCESS

Up2Us Newsletter – June 2015

Up2Us Update Up2Us has been placing regular updates on face book this year so the newsletter has been sporadic. Feel free to ‘friend’ us on facebook using the address Up 2 Us Landcare and you will receive more regular updates on what is happening. There have been a number of changes for Up2Us this year […]


Fords Creek Facelift

People are gathering in the warm and cosy Mansfield Produce Store on Tuesday 9th June from 6.30-8.00pm to discuss the future of Fords Creek. Up2Us Landcare Alliance would like to hear the communities views on how to move forward with the Fords Creek area, so please pass this on to as many people who you […]

Barjarg Bounty

Barjarg Bountry Report

‘Barjarg Bounty’ celebrates the time of harvest in the community. The event creates a time for people from Barjarg to gather to enjoy a meal featuring locally grown produce prepared by Mansfield Chef Megan Knapp and by home cooks. The event is generously supported by a grant from Up2Us and Megan Knapp’s Kitchen Door. Community […]