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Up2Us Landcare Alliance, through community action, helps to preserve, protect and enhance the biodiversity of both private and public land within the Shire. We are also committed to the long term sustainability of small and large farming enterprises. We want to collaboratively involve as many community members as possible in action on the ground and aim to provide high quality environmental education.

Landcare 25yrs and beyond, what are our drivers of change?

Discover Mansfield’s Natural Treasure

Come and join us in the outdoors this holiday!  Landcare wants to help you start the holiday with a natural experience, so bring your walking shoes and outdoor clothing to enjoy a morning bushwalking in one of Mansfield’s natural treasure areas.  The walk will take you past a pristine creek and you will be able […]

NEC Organic Farm Thrugoona Bus Tour

Join Up2Us on a tour of the NEC Organic Farm, Thrugoona.   The National Environment Centre is a specialist TAFE College, part of the Riverina Institute of TAFE. This campus includes a 190 hectare certified organic farm, which is run on agroecology principles. The farm produces fattail lambs, for the local farmers’ markets. It has […]